Vertical versus horizontal fracked gas wells PHOTOS

The 33 photographs below illustrate graphically the difference between traditional, conventional vertical wells and unconventional, high volume, hydraulic fractured gas wells.

Courtesy of Otego, Unadilla, Butternut activists

Horizontal drilling cross sectional view.
Drilling pad with waste storage pit.
Working around the clock.
Guyed drilling rig.
Drilling Site - Hamilton, NY
Water trucks for hydrofracing.
multiple drilling pads
Well Head at Completed Drill Site
Drilling 24/7
Gas well in progress - Enfield, NY
Retention pond for drilling fluids.
Mature gas field out West.
Salmon Creek, Allegheny National Forest
Hard at work.
Chenango County
Drilling Rig in the distance.
Chenango County
NY State drilling site.
Drilling rig in route to site.
Arkansas Gas Well Fire
Frack Job Parking
Preparing To Frack
Fracking Preperations
Liquid Nitrogen Frack Job
Men Preparing Explosive Charges
Perforation Charges Set
Lines Between Trucks
Drilling the Fayetteville Shale
Hose Connections During Fracking
Upshur County, West Va.
Completed Gas Well in West Va.
Fracking a Well