The Real Scoop: Fracking Facts

“The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” 

                         — Chicken Little

This page follows and interprets current factual news and information about hydrofracking — primarily in New York State, but also elsewhere, especially when it is relevant to New York State’s Southern Tier, targeted for eventual hydrofracked drilling information.  We emphasize factual information to dispel rumors that gas drilling operations will commence as fast as Chicken Little can shout “The sky is falling!”



FORT COLLINS, Colo. (AP) – State officials say PDC Energy estimates 84,000 gallons of fracking flowback water sprayed out from one of its oil wells after a mechanical problem this week.

The fluid sprayed for nearly 30 hours from the well east of Fort Collins before workers could stop it Tuesday afternoon.

Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission spokesman Todd Hartman has said the problem started after equipment fell due to hydraulic failure. A valve broke, leading to the discharge of flowback, which refers to hydraulic fracturing fluid that has returned to the surface after being injected into a well.

PDC Energy says a berm contained the liquid. The well is about 1,500 feet from the nearest home.

State records show PDC Energy has reported about a half dozen spills so far in 2013.

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