Revise Our Laws Now!

The Visionaries’ Initiative in Oxford

We have launched a community-wide campaign to create a long-range plan to ensure the safety and vitality of our community

But we have found it impossible to plan for an optimistic future unless we begin by focusing immediately on the issues surrounding high volume hydrofracked gas drilling (fracking).

All residents — including landowners! — should be concerned.

Zoning and environmental regulations that address fracflaking are so hopelessly antiquated and inadequate in so many ways that even the most passionate advocate of fracking must share our urgent concerns (Several of our pages deal with this — for instance, see the page on the Riverkeeper’s list of ten flaws in the regulations, or OMG! They’ve fracked Central Park!)

Therefore we must immediately address the fundamental question of whether to allow fracking in our communities, and if we do, how we can regulate fracking locally through a revised Comprehensive Plan and revised zoning laws for our towns and villages.